Mr. Robot Says Haste Plateaus Not Important

Note: the linked article is an Ask Mr. Robot analysis of the effect of haste plateaus on hunter DPS — they’ve done this so far for SV and MM. Ask Mr. Robot is a site that automatically calculates potential upgrades for your character, including gems, enchants, and reforging.

Ask Mr. Robot: TLDR: Analysis shows that “Haste Plateaus” are not important for Hunter gear optimization. Hunters, like every other DPS spec in the game, will achieve optimal DPS executing their abilities based on a Priority Queue. Any “rotations” that they may fall into for certain portions of a fight are incidental and not important in and of themselves.

Hunter gear optimization theorycraft is based largely on the idea of “shot rotations” and reaching specific “haste plateaus” where you can fit an exact number of filler shots between longer cooldown instant shots. For a Marksmanship Hunter, the idea has been that you want to gear such that the cast time of Steady Shot allows you to execute a specific number of abilities between Chimera Shots, thus minimizing or eliminating the time that Chimera Shot is available and not being used. This is complicated by haste procs, bloodlust/heroism, different phases of the fight, etc. So, the benefit of the theoretical haste plateaus will not be realized for 100% of the fight, but, the idea is that they are still very meaningful.

Mr. Robot sat down and thought about this for a little while. If this strategy is viable for Hunters, shouldn’t it be viable for other classes as well? Take an Elemental Shaman, for example. They want to minimize or eliminate any time that Lava Burst is cooled down and not being used. Would it not then make sense for them to gear such that they can fit the perfect number of Lightning Bolts between Lava Bursts? The idea has been explored in the past and it turns out that doing this does not increase DPS. When Death Knights were first introduced into the game, the idea of ability rotations was very popular, to reduce or minimize any time where runes were available and not being used. But, it was soon discovered that using a priority queue approach to play resulted in better DPS. To Mr. Robot, it seems very odd that Hunter theorycraft is still focused on rotations – so much so that the recommendation is to tailor gear around particular haste values. So, Mr. Robot put this to the test! The idea looks logical on paper, but, it doesn’t work out for any other class in the game. There are some abilities in the game that benefit greatly from achieving certain values of Haste, abilities such as Improved Devouring Plague and Conflagrate, but, Hunters do not have any abilities with that mechanic.

Mr. Robot decided to test a number of gear sets. If being near a haste plateau is optimal, we should see DPS peak with gear sets optimized right at the plateau, and then it should decrease as we both add or reduce the total amount of haste.

Thanks to Garnath for the tip!

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