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Ice Troll Hunter Transmog from the Blizzard Gallery


Tabana: Transmogrification allows hunters to personalize their character by altering the appearance of their gear for a fee while retaining the original stats. Since the introduction of transmogrification in WoW, transmog guides and resources have been some of the most popular hunter articles on WoW Hunters Hall. As a result we’ve gathered all of the hunter transmogrification info together in one place for you.

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Hunter Transmogrification Basics

Transmogrification Interface

To transmogrify your hunter gear, obtain the armor and weapons you wish to copy the look of and take them to your faction’s transmogrification NPC: Warpweaver Dushar in Orgrimmar for Horde or Warpweaver Hashom in Stormwind for Alliance.

Have the items you wish to alter the appearance of equipped (the ones with the good stats that you’ll wear into battle). When you interact with the transmogrifier NPC, the transmogrification interface window will pop up. Drag the items you want to copy (the cool ones whose look you want) into the appropriate item slots or right-click them in your inventory. The transmogrification window will show your hunter as it would appear after transmogrification.

If you’re happy with the look, click “Apply.” You’ll be charged a fee and your gear will be transmogrified. The cost of each transmogrification is the equipped item’s vendor price or ten gold (at level 85), whichever is more.

Transmogrification Rules

  • The hunter must be able to equip both items.
  • Only uncommon (green), rare (blue) or epic (purple) items may be transmogrified.
  • Items must share the same armor type (mail for mail, leather for leather)
  • Weapons must be the same weapon type (exceptions: Guns, Crossbows, and Bows can be transmogrified back and forth, because Blizzard loves hunters)
  • Using an item for transmogrification makes it soulbound, non-refundable, and non-tradable
  • Heirlooms and Account Bound items can be transmogrified and used to transmogrify
  • Legendary items and fishing poles cannot be transmogrified or used to transmogrify.
  • Mailing an item, placing an item in Void Storage, or vendoring an item strips its transmogrification.
  • The displayed enchant will be that of the currently equipped item.
  • Some items are excluded from being transmogrified due to absurdity (e.g.  Old Ironjaw, Sandrene’s Invisible Vest)

Transmogrification Addon

MogIt Addon


  • MogIt  Includes an in-game catalog of epic, rare and uncommon items and a 3d model viewer that you can use to view items on your character.
  • /Who Rayaan wrote a tutorial on how to share Mogit sets using Mogit’s import feature to obtain a list of corresponding Wowhead item links.

Guide to Bows at Disenchanting Azeroth

Hunter Transmogrification Guides

The following hunter transmogrification guides will help you with your latest transmog project. These guides cover everything from showing you the appearance of different hunter items to telling you exactly where you need to go to farm up various hunter sets for a matched armor look.

Hunter Soloing Guides to Old Raid Bosses for Transmog Gear

The WHH hunter soloing guide compilations have links to strategies and videos for soloing just about every boss that has been soloed by hunters to date. These hunter soloing guides also includes information on rare mounts and gold dropped by bosses if you want to multi-task while farming your transmog gear.

Durendil Soloing Malygos


Inspirations for Hunter Transmogging

These guides suggest different custom gear sets (as opposed to the standard hunter tier gear sets) that you can use to transmogrify your hunter to match the look, or inspire you to make a variation of your own.

Blood Elf Transmog from the Blizzard Gallery

Hunter Gear Transmogrification Databases

Mail Helms at Icy Veins


Mists of Pandaria Hunter Gear

Mists of Pandaria Season 12 Hunter Set


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