How to Interview a Laeleiweyn

Quelys at Quel’s Hunting Corner: *Imagine David Attenborough’s voice* Here we are, in the Alliance-infested home of the Draenei (ignore the various rainbows and butterflies). If you are lucky enough within this strange land, you may spot the wild Laeleiweyn, a fellow Hunter and bloggist of the highest order, her posts providing insight and humor throughout the dark times (the dark times being when you realize they are written by an Alliance). Come with me as we explore the natural habitat of the ‘Laeleiweyn’ , a ‘tinkerer’ in real life (engineering joke), and find out how this interesting creature behaves in its natural habitat.

Hey Laeleiweyn, may I call you Lae? When did you first start playing WoW?

Yes, of course! I didn’t really realize when I made my hunter’s name that I would one day end up communicating with other people using it. If I had realized I would have made it shorter. ;)

I started playing in 2007, and I was hooked from day two! (I got a headache day one of all the new things + movements, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I gave it another try the next day).

I had tried making a character on Ponder’s account first, so when I got an account on my own I immediately upgraded it to Burning Crusade; I was SO gonna play a draenei hunter! Alliance cause they’re the good guys (hehe, sorry about that ), Draenei cause I liked the look and hunter cause I figured it would be nice to have a companion in this new, foreign and somewhat scary world. Later I realized that hunters also were the badass ones, and stuck to her. . . . Read full article

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