Sic ‘Em Bug

Warcraft Hunters Union Site

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: There have been a lot of reports of a Sic ‘Em bug, both on the WoW forums and in comments here on the WHU. The most coherent report I’ve seen of the Sic ‘Em bug is that it’s simply not discounting the focus cost of the pet’s basic attacks at all — Sic ‘Em procs, but your pet’s basic attack still has the same focus cost.

We talked about this a bit on the Hunting Party Podcast last weekend, but I have seen no evidence of this bug, and I cannot reproduce it. We talked with Zeherah on the show as well, and she also has not seen Sic ‘Em failing to work properly.

What is happening, however, is if your pet has enough focus to proc Wild Hunt, and Sic ‘Em procs, Sic ‘Em only discounts … Read Full Article.

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