The DPS Value of Skill

Frostheim at WoW Insider: The problem with skill is that there’s no number on our character pane or armory to measure it. Everyone will swiftly agree that skill is the most important thing — more important than this talent or that reforge — but without having a number right there to look at, everyone ends up ignoring it and instead focuses in on this talent or that reforge.

“Your DPS is low? Well you should really reforge your boots to haste,” or “Why aren’t you gemming for agility u noob!”

Let me assure you something: If you’re underperforming by thousands of DPS and can’t make it to the top of the meters, 95% of the time it’s a skill issue. Even if your talents/gems/glyphs/reforging aren’t very optimized, odds are you aren’t really seeing that difference. But if you have even a moderate slip on skill issues, it’s immediately apparent.

So let’s today step back a moment and consider hunter skill once again. We’re all used to obsessing over every tiny part of character optimization, so we’re going to put skill into terms that correlate to that: DPS. … Read Full Article.

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