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Beast Mastery
Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit



Stonecore Normal Corborus and Azil

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Maranora posted that although hunters have been soloing Slabhide and Ozruk for some time now, Azil and Corborus can be soloed too. Maranora’s strategies for soloing these two bosses using a Marksmanship spec and a turtle pet are described.

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Pet Behavior when Changing Targets

In the Simple Questions/Simple Answers thread, Export, who recently returned to the game, said “I’ve noticed that I have a problem where as soon as my current target falls, my pet will start to run back to me as I change targets and then have to return to the fray each time.”

Alienangel replied,

“They very recently changed the Defensive pet stance to no longer attack targets you attack unless they try to attack you/the pet. So if any of the trash aoed the pet it would still switch to it automatically, but otherwise it’ll generally run back to you after each mob.

You can switch to the new Assist stance which makes the pet attack what you attack, but there’s a delay, and it still leads to the pet switching sometimes when you don’t want it to. Some report it’s buggy and pulls random mobs too.

Personally I’ve just gotten back in the pre-Wrath habit of having the pet sit in Passive and hitting a keybind (F1) to make it attack whenever I want it to.”

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Effects of Latency on Unhasted Rotation

In the Marksmanship thread, Whitefyst responded to a question regarding the Marksmanship 4.2 Guide. The guide recommends: “use the 12.93% haste from gear and Pathing amount with adjusting the haste level to account for latency.” A reader inquired how much additional haste would be required to account for latency.

Whitefyst listed a number of variables that would influence the answer to the question including the player’s latency, the desired haste plateau, glyphs used, shot selection, variations in shot cycles, and the cost in crit and mastery to achieve additional haste.

“The amount of haste required to fully counteract the latency increases slightly exponentially as your latency level increases since it requires slightly more and more haste per latency increase. At low levels of latency a reasonable amount of additional haste can be used to partially or fully tighten the cycle back up. At higher levels of latency, too much additional haste is required for a tight cycle where it is probably best to utilize the lower 5.4% haste case.”

Charts indicating the required amounts of additional haste to counteract latency in several scenarios were posted.

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Trap Launcher Macro

In the Simple Questions/Simple Answers thread, Ottoline asked “Has anybody got working trap launcher macros for 4.2?”

Lokrik replied, “By separating the launcher sequence from the trap cast, I can make a single multi-trap macro; I put it on a mouse button. I haven’t had any problem with it since 4.2. As is, it does mean I can’t launch multiple traps in less than 8 seconds, which is occasionally an issue.” Lokrik uses this macro:


/castsequence reset=8 Trap Launcher,

/use [mod:shift]!Explosive Trap(Fire – Trap Launcher);[mod:alt]!Freezing Trap(Frost – trap launcher);[mod:ctrl]!Snake Trap(Nature – trap launcher);!Ice Trap(Frost – trap launcher)

Ottoline replied that Lokrik’s suggestion would not solve the issue as “multiple traps in less than 8 seconds is exactly what I need them for, and exactly what they’re failing on.”

CedricDur also experienced problems with trap launcher macros, noting that the problems only seemed to occur while in combat. Delaying deployment of the trap after activating the trap launcher macro resulted in the reticule disappearing or becoming much larger than normal. Repeated activation of the macro would sometimes cause the size of the reticule to alternate between normal and slightly small, and neither size reticule would drop a trap when clicked on the ground.

“If I add a ! to the trap launcher itself it kills the macro if any of those things happen as the macro refuses to activate while the trap launcher buff is still up. If I don’t [add] a ! to the trap itself it will simply alternate showing and cancelling the reticule. If instead of a cast sequence I do:

/cast trap launcher
/cast ice trap

then sometimes it will launch the trap, sometimes it will put it at my feet.”

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Stacking Haste vs. Pathing

In the Marksmanship thread, bjorn9486 asked “Is it better to stack haste and thus take the talent points you have in Pathing and place them somewhere else or should you reforge the haste into Hit/Crit/Mastery and pick up Pathing?”

Whitefyst explained that it depends on the amount of haste on one’s gear and whether the hunter is aiming for the lower (5.4%) or higher (12.93%) haste plateau.

“If you are using the lower haste plateau, you are usually better off moving the points off Pathing into other talents since you are probably getting more than enough haste from gear and may have problems reforging out of it.

If you are using the higher haste point, I still recommend at least some points in Pathing depending on your overall ilevel and haste from gear. By default, I recommend 3/3 Pathing since each point is valuable and helps to make the haste plateau. However, at higher ilevels with higher natural haste from gear, you may not need one or more points in Pathing to ideally make the haste plateau. In most cases at higher ilevel, dropping one point in Pathing is recommended, but dropping additional points depends on your situation and preferences.”

If less than 3 points are taken in Pathing, Whitefyst recommended using the extra point(s) by first topping off Frenzy and then Termination. For players with the T12 4-set who use Kill Command often, Improved Kill Command might be another option.

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BM Haste Plateau without the T-11 4-piece Bonus

In the Beast Mastery thread, NextOne asked about the haste plateau for BM after dropping the 4pc T11 bonus for the 2pc T12.

Thrabuco replied:

“Not that it would yield actually more dps in a real world fight, but, you probably would be aiming for 3 CoS + 1 Arc + 1 KC in a 6 sec window. You’ll need 2229 Haste Rating from gear + 1/3 Pathing, or, 1937 Haste Rating from gear + 3/3 Pathing. You should account [for] your latency with more haste rating as well if you really want to perform this tight cycle. Since this would be a hard plateau, every single point of haste rating untill this point will greatly improve your performance, helping you to use KC closer to it’s cooldown. These numbers take into consideration that you have 5 stack of FFF.”

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