Talking Class: Hunters

Here we are in a new feature, Talking Class. In this series of articles Ensidia players will have discussions and chats with top players from other guilds, digging deep into all the finer points and history of their shared class. This week it’s time for the hunters to shine, with Caleb taking over as host and covering all the important issues, reminiscing about the good and bad old times and so on. You should also check out the gallery for more images. Without furter ado, here’s Caleb:

In this article we’ll dive into the hardcore ways of the hunter class, how it changed over the years, what the things we still love about it are and what things we are happy that Blizzard got rid of. Giving us their insight on the topic are none other than:
Slaught   from  Adept            adept
Justwait  from  Method         methodBalrouge from Premonition    premonition
Myself, Caleb from Ensidia 

I will try to keep my answers to my own questions short, so there is more room for the others :P
The article has gotten a bit big, but its definitely worth reading everything. … Read Full Article.

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