Strategy: Shannox

Morynne at Marks 365:  Resoundingly, Shannox won out with more than double the votes of the other two bosses. Looks like I’m covering the hunter and his pets first!

  • Name: Shannox, Rageface, and Riplimb
  • Raid: Firelands
  • Tanks Needed: 2
  • Phases: 1
  • Catch: Enrage mechanics, 2 adds, and stuff trying to eat your feet
  • This strategy is for the normal encounter.

Shannox is a one-phase encounter, but there is still a lot going on.  Both dogs have their own abilities, and positioning is really important to handle the spear throw.  This boss can be engaged nearly anywhere in the main area for Firelands, but there’s plenty of space in front of the Beth’tilac trash — just make sure you clear all of it, including the pats.  You’ll need the space. Let’s first talk about what each NPC can do in this encounter…. Read Full Article.

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