Comparing the Hunter Talent Trees for PvP

Eidotrope at OutDPS: This post goes over the relative pros and cons of the different hunter talent trees for PVP.  It leaves aside the strengths and weaknesses that hunters have in general, focusing instead on how the specs compare to each other.

Let’s head from left to right through the hunter trees as they’re shown in game, going over the pros and cons of each.  Since the `pros’ and `cons’ are somewhat subjective appraisals, please feel free to leave a comment below if you feel I’ve left something out, been too harsh or too generous, etc.  Note that the pros and cons I list are not in any particular order.

Following our examinations of the trees individually, we can turn to the overarching question of why we have this commonly-asserted spec hierarchy of MM being somewhat better than BM, and both of them being decidedly better than SV. … Read Full Article.

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