How Much is Too Much

Warcraft Hunters Union Site

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: I often have lots of great ideas (or what I think are great ideas) for things to do with the WHU that I then step back and reluctantly acknowledge to myself I just don’t have time for. Some of these are little things like a series of articles about something that I’d have to go research that I wouldn’t normally do in game (rare pet taming) or tons of video ideas (like making video shot rotation guides, with text of each shot being fired as the button is pressed) or various contests or even making WHU forums — which I think could work, but would require very careful moderation to keep the trolls and hyperbolests out, which of course I do not have the time for.

Then after getting the awesome email I was sitting around musing about the hunter community, all the different sites that we have out there and also a bit how to increase the awareness of all the different sites throughout the hunter community…Read Full Article.

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