Ghostcrawler Tweets About Hunters


A collection of Ghostcrawler‘s recent tweets regarding Hunters:

Julian Selman: Are you satisfied with the mobility hunters have since 5.1, or do you see either Fox or Sniper Training coming back?

Ghostcrawler: No immediate plans for either. [Source]

jpmarcotte: How is Stampede NOT a flavor-fitting ability? I think hunters would rise up en-masse if Stampede disappeared.

Ghostcrawler: We added Stampede because, like Titan’s Grip, players* asked for it for years. (* = Not every player of course.) [Source]

tanjon: And Blink Strikes is already simming as a loss over Crows. You’ve already nerfed that tier into oblivion, please don’t do more

Ghostcrawler: But in general we want passives to be lower DPS than actives since they ask much less of the player. [Source]

Winterbark: For a spec like MM that’s behind enough to be ‘bad,’ wasn’t mastery created for tuning to turn 5% delta into something closer?

Ghostcrawler: The passives were created for that. If we buff mastery it can make you stack or avoid that stat depending on how we do it. [Source]

KJ Williams: Wasn’t Blink Strikes changed to reduce some of the button clutter? Does the dev team want to bring that back?

Ghostcrawler: We are pretty happy with the new Blink Strikes. Just want to make sure the other talents are still taken seriously by hunters. [Source]

Kenneth Wilson: I think 5.3 broke pets bite/claw autocast. On Megaera my pet didn’t use it once, its focus stayed at 100 for the whole fight.

Ghostcrawler: Hmm. Haven’t heard that. We will investigate. [Source]

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