Jademcian: Normal Mode Ji-Kun as Marksmanship

Jikun MM

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: I touched briefly on all the bosses in previous posts; once in our normal mode clear of the boss and once again in my discussion of the three specializations. In both, I heavily insinuated Survival was the best choice for Jikun. For the most part, I stand by that comment.

However, I’ve been spoken to a lot about Marksmanship on this fight and I’d like to share some more specific experience using MM for Jikun. As such, I’ve gone into my stream and highlighted a video segment from this weeks raid. It’s also just a good fight to be thinking about, since it’s coming up quickly for heroic content. Though maybe 4AM isn’t the best time for me to be doing so?  Ehh.

First of all: Jikun was changed slightly since my posts. Previously, in order to get Primal Nutriment, you had to pick it up from the yellow globules. Not just that, you had to pick it up from the front tip of the yellow globules. The changes have since made it incredibly easier to get the primal nutriment buff. Now all you have to do is touch any globule – and some of the trail residue works just as well. . . . read full article

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