Mushan: Status report – one week into the Mists

Mushan: I wrote about my leveling spec shortly before launch. I had decided to run as SV with a wolf and turtle as my main pets, with the wolf as Ferocity giving me the 5% Crit buff and the turtle as a tank with his Shell Shield. In all honestly, though, I stayed with the turtle for most of the process for two reasons: 1) on Day One, the mob respawn rate was so awfully high that I was able to take down large amounts of spawns in the starting areas without him dying, and 2) in the higher zones, the mobs were often close together, so I could likewise Misdirect them all to him and mow them down while keeping him alive. In one area in particular – Krasarang Wilds – I went with the wolf, because that area was full of enough people that there was competition for mobs, but not enough that the respawn rate was personally dangerous, and so focus-firing a Krasari hunter was a 10-15-second process with little in the way of survival concerns.

The talents and glyphs I chose served me well in this way. Of those talents that would be different from my ‘dungeon/raid’ talents, Spirit Bond keeps the HP flowing, Fervor is nice mid-pull when you need focus for a damage burst to bring you closer to Kill Shot, and Blink Strike likewise contributes with burst from the pet. As glyphs go, Mending was perfect for pet survival – particularly in the Dread Wastes, where the mobs can be pretty punishing in packs – and Misdirection is a proven must-have glyph for leveling, and performed as such. . . . Read full article

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