Quel’s Hunting Corner: An Evening with Euripides

Quelys at Quel’s Hunting Corner: Euripides, a wise beast, can be found taming feral druids of Azeroth and discussing hairy wrists. When he is not stopping ferals from taking our agility trinkets and polearms, he can be found talking about all things huntering on the Hunting Party Podcast or shaking things up on the auction house. Join me as we discover what makes this Alliance scum (yeah, ANOTHER one.. I cannot believe it either..) tick.

Euripides - tamer of feral druids

Euripides, how are you? I hope you have been well! 

I am, thanks :) Busy as all hell, but I’d take that over the alternative any day!

Outdps, Call to Auction, the Hunting Party Podcast… what can you tell us about these?

I started OutDPS to talk about hunters and raiding what feels like a very long time ago. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have some incredible writers to collaborate with, like Eidotrope, but as my day job and writing gig at WoW Insider have eaten up more and more of my time, the site has ended up being a place I mostly only use to post the podcast episodes. I still intend to write more editorial content there, but it’s hard to find time.

The Hunting Party podcast started relatively early in the life of the blog, and I’ve been astounded about its popularity. Hunters really do have the best community :) . . . Read full article

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