Elitist Jerks Weekly Recap 5/25/12

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Cataclysm 5-Man Heroics 5/19/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil wrote, “I made a recap of my Cata heroic adventures, to be found at Durendil : Hunter soloing: Heroic instances soloing: recap.”

That’s a lot of videos, so I’ll link the most interesting ones:
Durendil vs Ammunae Heroic (worldfirst) – YouTube Because she required the most precise execution.
Durendil vs Setesh Heroic (worldfirst) – YouTube Because he’s the opposite of Ammunae – no precision, just react quickly depending of what happens!
Durendil vs Throngus Heroic (hunter worldfirst) – YouTube Look at the shield phase
Durendil vs Nalorakk Heroic (worldfirst) – YouTube Because he’s my new reference for gear checks (I will try the new Pandaria changes on him as soon as they get live)

And, the list of bosses who are happily waiting for a hunter who is bored with old raids (not much left to solo there) or Dragon Soul.

Mindbender Gur’sha: you need to tank him, and he hits hard (hunter survival)
Ascendant Lord Obsidius: nasty DoT (hunter survival)
Dragha Shadowburner: shadow bolts (hunter survival)
Erudax: need lots of dps
Akil’zon: massive damage on hunter (hunter survival)
Halazzi: Massive damage on pet, self-healing… there could be a strategy to kill him.
Drakaara: Massive damage in lynx phase (bear is impossible) (hunter/pet survival)
Mandokir: Decapitate!
Edge of Madness
Echo of Baine
Echo of Sylvanas
All Hour of Twilight
All Well of Eternity

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