The Grumpy Elf: WTB Decent Looking Mail

The Grumpy Elf: I’ve never been much for transmog but I have played with it for certain things.  Mostly helms really.  All my characters fit neatly into two categories, don’t show helm; transmog helm. Before transmog came out the only characters I ever had the helm show on were male night elves.  They bring ugly to a whole new level.  All other characters I did not show helms on.  Mostly this is because helms usually look horrible, fit horrible or just tend to make everyone look the same.

So for me, helms were the only thing I ever thought to transmog.  Even at that, only two characters have transmogged helms.  One is an engineer, can you guess what he mogged into?  I’m sure you can.

So transmog held no real use to me, outside of something as a joke… until recently. My hunter finally moved on to doing his ranged weapon and while there are a fair deal of quality bows and crossbows and guns out there my decision was simple as to what I would transmog into. Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keeper. Using that just feels good.  For some reason I just feel like a hunter again.

After doing my bow up to look all classic like it got me thinking about going for a more old school look . . . Read full article

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