Durendil: Heroic Instances Soloing Recap

Durendil at Hunter Soloing: I spent last month deciding to go have fun in Cata 5-man heroics. Yes, you can actually solo Cata 5-man heroic instances. Gear + good strategy is enough for the major part.

I checked internet and Youtube, so if I made an error, please tell me :)

As far as world firsts are concerned, I did:

Ulthok Not very hard, just positioning and moving quickly.
Foe reaper 5000: Trivial
Springvale: Good thing I discovered the glitch on Ashbury :)
Ammunae: Also called the technical strategy boss, since timings are on a very narrow window, so you have to deal with adds, interuupts, loss of focus, and still dps the boss.
Setesh: Complementary to Ammunae, he’s not technical, he’s about reacting to chaos
Augh: Lots of doubt for this one, I don’t see why a dk hasn’t solo’d him before, so maybe not a world first.
Corborus: Run, little dwarf, run!
Nalorakk: Hah, that was a hell of a boss to solo! Pet health was limit, hunter health too, and dps too! Great boss to check the Mist changes when they will be active.
Malacrass: Free loot :)

Now, for Hunter world firsts:

Ashbury: First Cata boss I tried, first challenge, learned a few things :) Also discovered the leaving combat glitch (that, I believe, doesn’t work against raid bosses).
Helix : Fun boss, since you have 0.5 seconds to click on intervene when he yells.
Anraphet: The bug hits again… but he’s got a water warden, so it’s thanks to him that HoO isn’t soloable :)
Rajh: Easy easy easy
Throngus: Now this is real soloing! Fun fun fun :)

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Image of Nalorakk is from Curse.com

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