WHU: All-Hunter Raiding

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: As mentioned earlier, the WHU guild is getting semi-serious at this point, and will be undertaking some level 85 all-hunter raiding.  Some of the details of our raids have yet to be determined.  We don’t have an established team or roles, and some individual strategies will be determined by the bosses themselves.  That means we can talk in general terms about what will be needed, even if the individual strategies will have to wait.

As Frost mentioned in an earlier post, this isn’t an extension of WHU events.  This is raiding.  The level of preparedness, patience for developing strategies (and wiping) and skill will need to be much higher.  There will also, in all likelihood, be more people interested in raiding than we can bring.  We’ll be as diplomatic as possible, but will also make no qualms about making decisions in the best interests of the raid. In my original guild, I used to tell interested raiders that fortune favored those who kept showing up, even if they had to wait for their spot on a raid team.  I usually found that advice to be true, so I will extend it here as well. . . . Read full article

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