Initial Stampede Tests

Ren (Aettis) has been doing some initial testing of Stampede and posting the results on the MMO Champion hunter forum. Tests were done at level 87 using a Beast Mastery spec. There are still a few bugs as is expected for beta, and damage numbers are very preliminary. Also, as always, everything is subject to change. That said, here are a few of Ren’s observations thus far:

  • Bestial Wrath, Kill Command, and Beast Cleave do not affect Stampede pets. They only affect the main pet.
  • Each Stampede pet procs Invigoration.
  • All pets are doing buffs/debuffs and growls/taunts.
  • With no pets out, Stampede calls all 5 pets out and, when the duration is over, all 5 pets disappear.
  • With a dead pet, 4 pets come out.
  • If the pet is dismissed in combat, then Stampede is used, only 4 pets come out (all but the one dismissed) (likely a bug).
  • With dismissing (in combat) pet 1, then pet 2, then Stampeding, Pet 1 comes out with the 3 other stabled pets, but pet 2 stays stabled (likely a bug).
  • With spamming Arcane Shot during Bestial Wrath and Stampede, the total damage done by the pets ONLY was 1.3 million damage over 10 seconds (130 K dps). This damage is with a BM spec, Bestial Wrath on one pet, and spamming Arcane Shot to proc Cobra Strikes and Go for the Throat. If not done under that circumstance, the damage is much lower.

This continuing thread can be followed on the MMO-C hunter forums.

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