Tame Skarr… Check!

Garwulf at Huntsman’s Lodge: One taming challenge conquered!

After having just gained access to the Molten front last night, I’m finally partaking of the Patch 4.2 taming challenges.

Between RL kicking my ass with work, etc… and all but skipping Hyjal on my way to 85, it’d taken me awhile to knock down enough of the prerequisite quests in order to unlock the new areas. Yesterday evening I finally settled in and took care of business — gaining access to the Molten Front late last night.

While making my rounds through there today, I saw a lone hunter perched on Fireplume Peak, directly across from where Skarr spawns. On one of the floating rocks in front of him I saw the tiny silhouette of a cat — it was Skarr! As I got closer, I could see that the hunter already had his own previously tamed Skarr, and had no intention of going after the one I’d just spotted. … Read Full Article.

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