Stay Away from the Crystals

In Baleroc 10-Man, hunters should not be part of the crystal rotation.  Ever.  Sure, we can take the damage and our dps doesn’t stop entirely, but being in melee range that often gimps the entire raid in a big way.  This is one of those fights where the PvP-centric minimum range really messes-up PvE.  I’ve been part of my raid’s crystal rotation since we began Baleroc, and while I knew it wasn’t optimal, I really didn’t realize the extent of what was happening until looking at some logs recently.  Here’s my dps report from our last kill:

If you’re unfamiliar with the fight, hunters only take damage when we’re “hugging” the crystal.  See what happens to the beautiful yellow line every time the ugly red line goes up?  Yeah, I know.  Going from 25k to 5k is not cool.  Also, he has a six-minute enrage timer.  While this was a kill, we didn’t technically beat that time.  Much like the Fellowship’s encounter with this dude, our victory came at a high cost.  I think it’s safe to say if I could have sat-out two of these five crystals, we would have beaten the enrage.

You might not be able to avoid crystal detail, especially if your 10-man team is lucky enough to have two hunters.  If you have to do it, you can at least make the best of a bad situation.  If you’re familiar with the BM spec, use it.  Your pet is always in melee anyway!  Use Glyph of Raptor Strike to make life a little bit easier on your poor healers.  Think hugging the crystal sucks?  Try healing this encounter!  In addition to Raptor Strike, don’t forget Kill Command while you’re in melee, which is easy to do if it’s not part of your normal shot priority.  And while you’re waiting on the ridiculously long cooldown of Raptor Strike, you might as well Wing Clip.  Has Raptor’s cooldown always been that long? Seems silly.  The most important thing you can do is fully commit to your job.  When it’s your turn, be right on that crystal.  I mean on it.  When we were learning this fight, I started-out trying to skirt the minimum range in order to keep my dps up.  Too often the Tormented debuff would tag a melee dps, or worse, a tank.  If the tank gets that, or your crystal rotation goes to hell, all the dps in the world won’t save your attempt.

If your raid has options, don’t hug the crystals.  Many non-hunters, even raid leaders, forget about the minimum range.  If that shifty warlock is trying to weasel out of having to move during this fight, explain your situation to the raid leader.  Better yet, show them the graph above or one of yours, especially if your team is hitting the enrage.  If you have to do it, do it right.  It’s certainly not the end of the world.  Even with the horrible roller coaster of dps above, Baleroc did cough-up some loot with his last breath.

Happy Hunting,

JC Sway

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