Hunting Party Podcast: Episode 94 Recap

This week on the Hunting Party Podcast, Frostheim, Darkbrew and Euripides talk about last week’s lost Podcast episode, the haste vs. crit conundrum, pet and Lavabolt Crossbow bugs, and answer listener questions. 

Pet Stance and Lavabolt Crossbow bugs

Recently, there was another pet bug noticed. This caused the pet to always be on the default stance, and you could not manually change it. The only fix is to dismiss and re-summon your pet.  In addition to pet stances, the Lavabolt Crossbow has been acting up again. Some hunters have reported that since the recent hotfix, their Crossbow now shows incorrect stats whereas before the tooltip was perfectly fine. It still sounds like a gun, or maybe a bow, and still can’t be reforged in some cases. All around, a Crossbow with a serious identity crisis. Check out Ocastra’s Bugstalker page for more in-depth and recent coverage.

Haste vs.  Crit

On the lost Podcast episode last week, Revulva of Ask Mr. Robot and Zeherah of were the special guests in a number-crunching, theorycrafting-heavy extravaganza that was mistakenly not recorded and therefore only available as a live show. This topic was extensively covered in that Podcast, with a general recap on this show. The advice Revulva gave was for BM and SV hunters to reforge to haste, while MM wanted to reforge to crit. In actuality, the difference in DPS between reforging crit or haste is incredibly miniscule. Both Zeherah and Revulva agreed and stressed this point.

Listener Q&A

  • “I have the ilevel 372 non-tier heroic gloves, tier 11 chest and legs. What should I purchase from the valor vendor first?”

Euripides commented that the tier 11 two-piece bonus is not very good, and that the tier 12 two-piece bonus is better. The gloves and legs drop from Occu’thar in Baradin Hold, and so the chest might be one of your first purchases. Frostheim jumbed in and suggested replacing your lowest ilevel piece first.

  • “As a BM hunter, I have 16% crit. One of my guildies said this was too high. Is that true?”

Absolutely not, says Darkbrew and Frostheim. If anything, it’s too low. The hunter crit cap right now is 104.6%, and even with raid buffs factored in, the crit cap is unreachable. Grab as much crit as you can, because, as Frostheim says, “A critical shot is better than a non-critical shot”.

  • “Is using Trap Launcher supposed to stop your auto attack, or is that a bug?”

Your auto attack is supposed to stop if your Freezing Trap successfully CC’s your target. However, it is not supposed to do that for the other traps. Frostheim tested this ingame during the show, and confirmed that hitting Trap Launcher stopped your auto attack, no matter the trap. This is a new bug, and as of right now, there is no GM response.

  • “What is the best way to determine the viability of under-represented hunter specs?”

With skewed representation, you have to go to a mathmatical model like femaledwarf or Simulationcraft. While the numbers will not be exactly right, it does give an accurate idea of the difference in DPS between the top numbers for, say, MM and for BM. Frostheim would like to remind everyone though, that skill plays a more significant role than anything else.

As always, the links to the full Podcast can be found here. Happy hunting!

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