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I’m a beaststalker, giantstalker, bugstalker…

This column is about bugs. Not those silithids you may have tamed or the ones skittering around in Ahn’Qiraj, but the digital ones… oh wait, they’re all digital. Well, the program bugs. In a game as complex as WoW, there are lot of bugs. The goal of this column is to maintain a list of hunter bugs and their status. I’ll try to reproduce the hunter bugs ingame and write tickets to ask the GMs about these bugs. I’ll also check the lists of hotfixes Blizzard posts for anything hunter related.

That being said, I will never be able to list every hunter bug here that affect hunters in some way and will sometimes neglect cosmetic bugs, so if your cat barks when you cast kill command you may not find it here. The reason is that there are way too many small bugs out there you’d only notice in very special circumstances, so I have to concentrate on the important ones.

Also a lot of problems people call “bugs” aren’t really program bugs. They can be caused by lag or by addons going bonkers. But if you happen to hear about or experience a hunter or hunter pet bug that you believe should be listed here, please describe it in the comments and I’ll look into it.

Latest Bug News: The bug that the T12 4 piece bonus (Burning Adrenaline) gets consumed on the shot hitting the target has been fixed. See more in the Resolved/Fixed bug section.

Current Hunter Bugs

  • The Pets basic attack have a cooldown of 3.3 seconds instead of 3.0.
    Status: Confirmed via combat logs.
    GM: known, should be fixed soon,
  • The Pet action bar and pet abilites from the spell book sometimes vanish when going through a portal while mounted.
    Status: confirmed ingame. See Eidotropes excellent post at Out-dps.com for more details about this. Workaround: dismiss and resummon your pet.
    GM: known, investigating.
  • The Dragonhawk ability Fire breath sometimes takes a long time before it’s reapplied when on autocast.
    Status: confirmed ingame.
    GM: known, should be fixed in one of the next patches.
  • Glyph of Kill Shot not working on PvP target (e.g. other players).
    Status: confirmed ingame.
    GM: investigating
  • Pet movement speed is too slow when riding while you got aggro, causing the pet to fall behind and eventually despawn.
    Status: confirmed ingame.
    GM: Known, should be fixed in one of the next patches.
  • Lava Bolt Crossbow makes gun sounds.
    Status: no bug, this was done intentionally to make fun of dwarves.
    GM: Known, should be fixed in one of the next patches.
  • Sic’em not refunding 100% of the focus cost when the pet is in Wild Hunt range. Note: Sic ‘Em is returning the entire base focus cost, just not the additional Wild Hunt cost.
    Status: confirmed ingame.
    GM: forwarded, couldn’t confirm or deny if this intended or not.
  • Pet Health when summoning the pet or reviving is incredibly low for a brief period (base health without hunter contribution) and takes several seconds to scale to the appropriate health.
    Status: confirmed ingame.
  • Explosive Trap, Serpent Sting and Black Arrow use the spell crit multiplier (150%) and not the physical crit multiplier (200%) of the rest of our shots and DoTs.
    GM: Not a bug (but to hunters this is still a bug darnit!).

Resolved (Fixed) Hunter Bugs

  • T12 4p proc Burning Adrenalin now again is consumed when the shot is fired.
    Wow, that was a fast fix. Here is what happend: For some reason the proc was consumed when the shot landed. This could be bad as if a shot was in the air while the bonus procs you would have payed for the shot as that happens when it’s fired and then immediatly comsumed with no focus saved. It could also be good – if you were e.g. to fire an AI and followed immediately by a CS both shots would be free, as the AI is still in the air when the CS was fired. The fix was confirmed by a GM and ingame.
  • Pet Pathing with larger distances in height (e.g. the balconies in WSG or at Nef) seems to work again. Confirmed by GM and ingame.
  • Lava Bolt Crossbows stats seems to have been corrected for everyone now, so it can be reforged as normal again. At least that’s true for all hunters in my guild and I haven’t read any complaints about this since patch 4.2.2.
  • Trap launcher stops autoattack as soon as the ability is activated. Casting a different shot will turn it back on.
    Status: confirmed ingame but not a bug. The 4.0.6 patchnotes read: “Casting Trap Launcher, Distracting Shot, and Scare Beast now cancel Auto Shot when cast. This is to make it easier to crowd control creatures with Auto Shot while moving enabled.”
  • Ancient Hysteria does not affect pets.
    Status: fixed, confirmed ingame
  • Call of the Wild can be used multiple times bypassing the cooldown by using it on one pet, dismissing the pet, and summoning another to use Call of the Wild again.
    Status: confirmed ingame.
    GM: Not a bug. There was a bug that the AP gain from CotW stacked, this has been fixed.
  • Focus costs of some hunter shots sometimes are not correct, e.g. Aimed Shot needing 60 Focus.
    Status: fixed, according to the GM I spoke with. While I can’t verify this, I have no reason to doubt that (I just hate bugs I can’t reproduce or verfiy that they have been fixed.
  • Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball does not share a burst cooldown with other on-use trinkets.
    Status: fixed, according to the Blizzard hotfix blog of 2011/08/04.
  • Explosive Trap: A mob can be affected only by one Explosive Trap dot. The 2nd Trap will only do initial damage.
    Status: fixed, confirmed via combat logs.
  • The Flamewaker Set 4-piece bonus doesn’t work correctly with Arcane Shot. It will consume the buff but won’t reduce the focus cost.
    Status: fixed, according to the Blizzard hotfix blog of 2011/08/04.
  • Hyena ability Tendon Rip is not working on bosses.
    Status: fixed, verified ingame.
  • Ravagers ability Ravage is on diminishing returns.
    Status: fixed, verified ingame.
  • Scatter Shot breaking it’s own effect.
    Status: fixed, verified ingame.
    Please note that lag can still lead to an autoshot breaking Scatter Shot.
  • Killing a venonmous snake from the snake trap procs the warrior ability Victory Rush.
    Status: Fixed, confirmed ingame. However using Devastate on a snake can proc Impending Victory if the snake is on low life, giving you the “mini” Victory Rush.
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