Threat to Be of Less Importance

Eidotrope at OutDPS: The recent Dev Watercooler explains a rather significant change to threat.

I would recommend reading that whole blog post by Ghostcrawler.  The most salient point for hunters, though, is this:

. . . we’ve gotten over the concept that threat needs to be a major part of PvE gameplay. We have therefore decided to buff tank threat generation in a hotfix this week to where it’s generally not a major consideration. We expect the community to gradually stop using threat-tracking mods as players realize they don’t need them.

This will not mean a complete end to thinking about threat. If you get off an Aimed Shot crit with no Misdirection before the tank lands a single Shield Slam, you’ll still pull agro and mess up the start of the fight.  Generally speaking, DPS jumping the gun and tanks missing their opening attacks will remain concerns.  As such, DPS will still want to wait a few seconds before starting in, and Misdirection and Tricks will persist as a useful tool in raids and dungeons alike (GC even says “we like abilities like Misdirect”). … Read Full Article.

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