EJ Best Possible DPS on FemaleDwarf

Eurytos started a new thread in the Elitist Jerks Hunter forum: Best Possible DPS with Rivkah’s DPS Analyzer (femaledwarf.com).

The purpose of this thread is to compare/contrast different combinations of gear/talents/pets/rotations/etc on femaledwarf.com in order maximize potential DPS.

The templates are continually updated as better combinations are discovered. Updates will be covered in our regular EJ recaps at the WHH every Friday.

Readers are cautioned that the setups might not be best in all situations:

While these results can be used as a template for your character without spending the time/energy into figuring it all out yourself, please understand that this is under an optimal/uniform setting and that these may or may not be the best setups for all situations. Also, I encourage/challenge all of you to try and improve upon these settings as even the best of us make mistakes and miss things.

The current best dps templates are linked at femaledwarf.com:

The fixed settings and buffs required for submitting suggested improvements are listed in the post.

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