Blizzcon Cometh

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: BlizzCon is drawing ever close and it’s about time that I started thinking more seriously about Blizzcon plans. This involves some kind of new hunter movie or song for the Blizzcon movie contest, but also the hunter party that I’d like to have at Blizzcon this year.

After attending Blizzcon for the first time last year, I can say that all the greatest things about Blizzcon had nothing at all to do with the convention hall itself. I wasn’t interested in sitting at a computer and playing more WoW. I was interested in the Q&A and various other panels, but after sitting through a couple I realized that I was better off hanging out in the WoW Insider HQ and watching them on the live stream.

No, the best thing about Blizzcon hands down was getting to hang out with all the other WoW gamers. It was meeting all the other hunters at the WoW Insider party, and at the Hilton lobby bar, and in the middle of the streets late at night. It was meeting the other cool WoW people who I read and follow. … Read Full Article.

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