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Every week Hawkeye brings you the latest musings, tips and stories from the Hunter forums over at Huntsman’s Lodge. Threads are shown with a (very) brief summary and quotes from notable comments. View all of the organized recaps of the Lodge here.

Cataclysmic Hunter Changes

Started by: Azusa
Started on: July 20, 2011
In this post, the Lodge’s resident hunters list their personal favorite Cataclysmic hunter changes. The general agreement was a near tie between stable size and Focus over mana.

Ozolin had a very balanced and well worded opinion, he said:

Hmmm, good stuff here already. I love Focus, so much more than Mana. Love the bigger stable, hoping it gets bigger- we should get another 10 slots to accomodate the new 4.2 pets, at *least* 5 new slots- but mostly I love how balanced the three trees are right now. Moreso than ever before, MM, SV, and BM are closer than ever with regards to potential DPS output. I think this makes it more fun to be a Hunter and play what you like and know that you will still be a viable addition to raids and groups.

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Keybinding Guide

Started by: Agio
Started on: Jan 7, 2011
This post has a discussion of keybinding and how to keep track of them, including a full keybind layout from Darrwyn that he uses along with helpful tips:

I’m an altophile, so t keep me from losing my head I try to set up all my toons the same…..This is how I do it, but just do what works for you. Remember to keep your most used attacks in some logical pattern so it makes sense to your hand… muscle memory is important so train your hands by practice.

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Beastmaster PvE Guide

Started by: Lilatha
Started on: April 8, 2011

Full Beastmaster PvE guide created by Lilatha, enchants, rotation, glyphs, it’s all here. Read Full Post Tips

Started by: Abbytini
Started on: July 20, 2011

Helpful hunter Abbytini posted this link to a video on Youtube by Lumiya that is a complete how-to guide for the amazing hunter resource He shows how to adjust the sites settings to get accurate dps results. This is great for those who want to figure out stat and gear weights for their hunter but don’t want to learn how to theorycraft.

PvP Fight Memories

Started by: Darrwyn
Started on: July 19, 2011

Lodger Darrwyn started this post where hunters go and share memorable PvP fights in battlegrounds and arenas. He said

“What I’m hoping to achieve here is a a compendium of memorable fights you have engaged in while PVPing. I was thinking that if we can share why the fights were memorable, how we fought them, the outcome, and our afterthoughts, we may all gather some ideas of our own to practice and put to use in the field of combat. “

Takaas shared his Warsong Gulch story

Horde had three Hunters, which included myself. None of us were from the same server. The match starts and one of the other Hunters yells, “Help me guard the flag!” So I remain as well as the third Hunter. So there were three Hunters guarding the Horde flag now.

The Alliance never once made it out of our flag room with our flag. We just mowed them down. It was epic how the three of us worked like a team, even though we had never met before this point.

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Tranquilizing Shot Tips

Started by: Ancksanura
Started on: April 13, 2011

Started by Ancksanura, this post has helpful tips on when and what to use Tranquilizing shot on in PvP, it also includes a few tips on addons and filters to show buffs that are Tranq-able.

Takaas posted a brief summary of Tranq priorities

Frost Mage: Tranq their shield off or you’re in for a hard fight.

Paladin: Tranq Hand of Freedom, Avenging Wrath

Druids: Tranq Tranquility, Mark of the Wild

Shaman: Tranq Earth Shield

These are only a few of the things you can and should tranq shot.

Hunter blogger and PvP extraordinaire Oonoes joined the discussion to add

To a certain extent, you can anticipate when these buffs are coming and have the tranq already in the air when the enemy player is getting ready to cast it. For example, vs. ret paladins, if you have them in the middle of a freezing trap and you’re building distance between you, he’s almost certainly going to cast hand of freedom on himself. Look for the red circle at his feet, or if you’re feeling cocky, wait about 2 seconds after the root from your trap has activated, then throw the tranq. The only real way to understand what sort of buffs are mandatory to get rid of is through experience, but as a general guide, damage shields (like priest/mage barriers), enrage effects (druid Savage roar, warrior damage cooldown), and hand of freedom type effects are the ones that need to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

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Lodge Taming Tales

This isn’t one specific post, however I wanted to put this up in the recap; the Huntsmans Lodge Pet Forum is full of entertaining stories of tames, failed attempts, helpful players, and jealous lesser classes. Recent notable posts include being ganked while taming Ban’thalos and taming half the rare pets in the game in two days.
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