Hunter 101: Day 1 as a Hunter

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union:  So you’ve read the Introduction to the Hunter Class and decided to go for it and roll up a hunter. Whether you’re playing WoW for the first time or finally done putting in your time as a support class and ready to try the real thing, this guide will walk you through your first day of playing a hunter.

Hunters are unlike any other class in WoW in several ways, and developing the right habits from the start will help you to maximize your hunter skills down the road.

Hunter Races

The very first choice you have to make when creating your hunter is what race to be. Any race except gnomes can be hunters, though not all do it as well. It’s important here to stress that the difference between the best hunter race and the worst is less than 2% damage, which is less than the effects of randomness on your damage and far, far less than the effect of your skill in playing the hunter class.

But if you want to really push your damage to the limits, you’ll want to play one of the optimal hunter races. For PvE these are:

  • Alliance: Worgen is the best Alliance hunter race from a pure numbers perspective. Second place goes to dresnei, and third place is dwarves. Everyone else is basically equally bad.
  • Horde: Orcs and trolls vie for the best Horde race for hunters, though trolls are dependent on the right weapon, so over the long haul orcs tend to be a bit better. Everyone else is basically equally bad.

It’s worth noting that the pet that you start with at level 1 is based on your race. You’ll get to acquire more pets of your choice once you pass level 10, but if your starting pet is important to you, you can check out this list of starting hunter pets by race. … Read Full Article

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