Bracers Can Wait

Darkbrew at The Brewhall: I should be buying bracers. They are by far the weakest piece of gear that I have right now. They’re not blues, but they aren’t raid quality either. I’ve killed Chimaeron 15 times, including once last week, and I’ve only seen the Chimaeron Armguards drop one-time.

When folks ask us on the podcast where they should spend those first valor points we usually tell them to buy whatever represents the current biggest upgrade. In my case it’s the Bracers of Forked Lightning. I’m not buying them first though.

I’m saving up for the Flamewaker’s Tunic, and my next purchase will be the Flamewaker’s Gloves. The tier bonuses are really good, and the sooner I can get to them the better. The chest is the more expensive than the gloves, and will take longer to get, but the gloves have a chance to drop from the new BH boss, which I’m doing every week, so it makes sense to grind badges towards the chest, and hope to get lucky with a drop in the meantime. … Read Full Article.

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