Hunter Reforging Priorities

Frostheim at WoW Insider: One of the most common questions asked by hunter is, “How should I reforge my gear?” Reforging is an elusive mystery, and if you listen to a lot of forum comments, you could quickly believe that reforging is the secret key to real ultimate DPS — if you’re not topping the charts, just reforge better to get those last few thousand DPS going your way. On top of that, we have tons of reforging tools available online, often offering contradictory reforging advice.Happily, reforging is not nearly as complicated as it seems. Today we’re going to go over reforging advice for your BM, MM, and SV hunters. I’m going to be giving you my thoughts and research conclusions but also the point of view of some other top theorycrafters. We recently did a Hunting Party Podcast all about stats and theorycrafting with Zeherah fromFemale Dwarf and Revulva from Ask Mr. Robot. Sadly, unforeseen technical difficulties prevented us from recording the show (we turned on the recording for the sound check, then hit record when it was time to go live, accidentally turning it off — oops), but the gist of their advice will be included here….Read Full Article.
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