How to Reforge Your Hunter!

Euripides at OutDPS:Reforging is one of those questions that gets asked a lot, and the answer is deceptively simple, considering how complex reforging can actually be. It usually runs something like “reforge to 8% hit, and then dump all your mastery or haste into crit”, sometimes with a caveat to avoid going below 1235 haste. Whether you aim for a specific haste plateau or not, reforging can be a daunting procedure that involves a lot of napkin math and trial and error. For example, every point in hit you have above 8% is completely valueless, but it can be hard to look at all your gear and figure out which pieces should be reforged to get as close to 8% as possible while minimizing the overage. All the while, avoiding spending crit to get hit capped if there’s mastery available… In short, something that is well suited for a computer to do!    …. Read Full Article

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