What is the Best Pet?

Valilor at The Master’s Call: Like most people know, the short answer is “It depends on your raid composition” – which is true enough but lets look at it in a little bit more detail.

Before I go on, I just want to point out that his is only going to be from an Marksman and Survival hunter’s perspective, I haven’t done any analysis on the Beast Mastery tree as, quite frankly, I don’t like BM.

Pet Overivew

There are 3 trees of hunter pets; Ferocity, Cunning and Tenacity. Within each tree there are various special abilities, which can provide the raid various buffs, that can help the raid in a multitude of ways as well as increasing the most important of things: your DPS.

Testing Methodology

The outcome I am trying to achieve is to be able to rank the pets in order of DPS, so when you are presented with the situation of multiple buffs missing, you can make an informed pet selection.

As buff stacking can impact the results in different ways (e.g. Bleed Damage & Crit % due to Piercing Shots) I’m going to ignore all stacking and start from a base where there are no buffs present outside of Hunters Mark. I’ll then look at the differences between the family trees and then the abilities, for both MM and SV.

Also bear in mind that these tests (using Female Dwarf) are based on my hunter’s current gear, so you may get some difference if you tested these out. I’m not aiming for 100% accuracy though, just some broad guidance to help with pet selection. … Read Full Article.

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