Mr. Robot and Haste Plateaus

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Ask Mr. Robotis a gear optimizing site — you import your armory, push a button, and Mr. Robot recommends what gems, enchants, and reforging you should do. The site allows you to enter your own stat weights, in addition to using its own.

Recently, Revulva from the Mr. Robot team wrote a long dissertation on some research into haste plateaus for MM and SV hunters, and concluded that haste plateaus don’t matter. You can read the SV one here, and the MM one here.

In the research he attempted to make a more real world analysis, rather than a theoretical mathematical analysis. Thus for his modeling he used real gearsets (so adding haste means subtracting another stat, & vice versa) and used Female Dwarf and Simulationcraft to model the dps.

Now, we know that Female Dwarf isn’t always great at modeling and weighting haste, but I was very curious about his Simulationcraft results. One thing that quickly jumped out at me was this sentence:

Now, the theory goes on to suggest that adding more Haste after this point will not increase your damage until you reach a point where casting a 4th CS, delaying your ES, does as much damage as 3 CS and waiting to ES on the 6 second cooldown.

This alarmed me a bit because this is not the theory about haste plateaus at all. However, that doesn’t mean his research is wrong — it was an alarming statement, but he was still looking at stat weights with and without plateaus. So I figured I’d try to get to the bottom of it. I contacted Revulva and we chatted on Skype last night for over hour. I found him delightful and had a great time talking theorycraft. Before I get into the details there, let me briefly outline the theory of haste plateaus … Read Full Article.

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