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Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Bella recently reminded me that it’s about time for the next WHU Guildin-game event — or rather that it’s a bit overdue. But before I schedule this one, I’d like to get some input from you guys about what day works best. Here’s the logic that I typically use for choosing days and times:

Firstly, I schedule it in the evening, as this is a time that most people are able to be free. This is also the time that I’m most likely to be free, so that one isn’t really negotiable at all.

Secondly I try to go for either Friday or Saturday night. This is specifically to allow people in vastly different time zones a chance to attend. In Europe it’s late at night by the time the events get started, and by holding them on Friday or Saturday night the Europeans have a chance at attending, since they don’t have to work the next morning. Of course since most of them play in a different region, most can’t participate anyway. I know that sucks, and no I’m not going to organize a European version or official sanction any event that I can’t be at. It’s your own fault for being born over there. … Read Full Article.

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