Arena Junkies Recap – 7-26-2011

Oz here. Welcome to the Arena junkies Hunter Discussion recap, where today we’ll be looking at a beginners guide to hunter pvp! Trinkets for Season 10, what will you use?  And BUFF Huntards?!

 What do you think…  

Cataclysm Hunter PvP Beginners Guide

Guide Author:  Kujai
Posted: 04 January 2011

This is your basic guide for the confused hunter looking to get into PvP.

Spec & Glyph guides for:

  • Beast Mastery
  • Marksman
  • Survival

with Gem, Enchanting & Pet suggestions.

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Which Trinkets for Season 10?

Topic Begun by: Pouncedd
Date started: 17 July 2011

A discussion for you mad pvpers out there, what trinkets will you use for Season 10? A lot of experimenting will be made through this whirlwind of wowhead links and guessing:

Mezasu posts:

Did testing today.

Can confirm: Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball and can be both activated together. Works quite nicely, both buffs last the same amount of time and have the same CD.

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Buff Huntards?!

Topic created by: Sonics
Date:23 July 2011

A fellow hunter believes that hunter damage is far to low:

Sonics posts:

i think hunters need to get a dmg buff =/ crit dmg is fine but the non crit dmg is a joke?!

what are u guys thinkin’ about it?

It seems that the hunter community think that its not our damage that needs buffing but.. well  Bulrug sums up our concerns with…

Bulrug Posts:

our damage is really good in pve, and our pve spec is MM which makes it even harder to balance >.>

Some easy buffs they can do without effecting pve are:

- steady/cobra shot unaffected by cast time reductions
- remove deadly from snake poison
- fix every single bug to hunter class
- make scatter shot a stun (would allow a more dynamic play, greater healer killing potential which hunters rarely if ever do, and allow more reliabity on trap landing)
- have deterence remove dots (or atleast take no dmg from dots while in deterence…)
- maybe buff steady shot dmg by 100% (against players only so it doesnt effect pve…i think we can all agree that SS is far far FAR too little damage)

Give us your opinion.

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