Soloing Altairus

Eidotrope at OutDPS: Hunters are capable of soloing Altairus in the Vortex Pinnacle on normal mode, and this is nice since he has a chance to drop a mount.  Other guides already exist for soloing this guy (Gavendo’s - text plus vid, Retalo1′s - vid of a whole run, Atrakinze’s - Jan. 1 vid of kill only, etc.), but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have one that’s up to date for 4.2 and that includes some useful insights that I didn’t see elsewhere.


This post assumes that you’ve got gear from the current patch, around ilvl 359 or above, and can do dps to match.  It also assumes that you’ve run the Vortex Pinnacle as a dps before and don’t need the place or its mechanics explained from the ground up. …Read Full Article







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