Fanfic of All Kinds

Fanfic is one of the oldest expressions of geekdom. As the internet expanded the geek community, fanfic was one of the first bits of geekery to spread across the internet. Everything from Dr. Who to StarTrek quickly attracted volumes of fan faction until the collected word count of fanfic dwarfed that of the official scripts and novels.

While fan fiction is often looked down on by most of the geek community, it is nonetheless an expression of fandom. What is curious is how far outside of the geek world that kind of fandom can extend. Star Wars and Firefly and even Twilight — sure, we can all get that. But there is even Who’s the Boss Fan Fiction out there.

So my question is this: is fan fiction a geek invention that has spread beyond the world of geek, or is fan fiction just an inevitable expression of fandom?

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