Mushan: Things I’m excited about in Patch 5.3


Mushan at Mushan, Etc.: Everyone is in his or her different place in this game. Doing his or her own thing. As such, excitement levels may vary. For me, there are two key things in 5.3 that I am immediately interested in with respect to my hunter:

1. Aspect of the (Iron) Hawk will buff Attack Power by 25% instead of 15%. I’ll take an 8.69% base increase in my total Attack Power any day. Am I excited about that? HECK YEAH I’m excited about it!

2. Item level upgrades are back. 500 VP for 8 ilvls per piece. I am capped and so ready to do this now. Doing anything that rewards Valor Points has that much more meaning for my main toon again. . . . read full article

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