ALT:ernative: On Days Like These


The Godmother at ALT:ernative: Last week, we set the 5 Man Instance to rights. Today, we’re going to give Daily Quests a right good going over (no this isn’t a darkened alley, all out in the open and proper thanks very much!) and hopefully send them on their way as better things. However, this isn’t nearly as easy a task as I first thought it would be. There’s an awful lot of contention with the Daily, after all. However, I find myself thinking that this type of quest would be the ABSOLUTELY BEST way to recycle the existing game world, with the use of minimal dev time to do so.

The biggest issue I’ve heard against the Daily is their ‘engagement’ factor: there are, after all, only so many ways to kill 8 mobs and pick up 6 drops. It also seems that Blizzard now prefer to set aside particular areas of the game world for Daily ‘Hubs’ rather than make people travel around for their glods. I think we need to throw both models out of the window and set Daily Hubs all around the game world, by re-using Capital Cities. I’m not just talking about those on Kalimdor either, let’s have our Dailies in Shatt and Dalaran too. Take out the ‘old’ quest givers in those places and replace them with new guys/girls/tentacled beasts to re-energise those zones. Oh, and before anyone asks, this guy in Stormwind has a ? for a reason. My new style Daily Quest giver isn’t just here to provide you with summat to do, he’ll also collect stuff from you too. There are many different types of quests to do from Straw Berry: . . . read full article

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