Braindeadly: 5.3 Patch Notes – My thoughts

Braindeadly World

Braindeadly at Instead of making a video I decided to write a blog about some of the 5.3 changes so far, with emphasis on the hunter changes.

Blizzard knew they would get a lot of uproar about the Scatter Shot change and it was very sneaky how it was implemented, it never appeared on MMO-champion, but merely found its way into the patch notes a few days later when someone happened to stumbled across it on PTR – this reduced potential fear and drama from players.

The scatter shot change is to make it so it shares diminishing returns with all sap/gouge/polymorph/trap etc effects.

This essentially makes it so you have to rely on web wrap or lullaby to trap. Bear in mind it is close to impossible to trap orcs with web wrap BUT against competent players it was not possible to trap CONSISTENTLY with scatter shot because of the pathing while in scatter shot. Instead, we used scatter shot as bait to get ready to trap out of web wrap OR to trick enhance/elemental shamans to use grounding totem which we would then destroy before actually trapping – there were skill components to this. . . . . read full article

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