WHU: Brawler’s Guild – Rank 8


Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: Since Brawler’s Guild came out, I was always slightly behind the curve set by the hardcore raiders. My guild’s team is decidedly casual, and I couldn’t tackle the same bosses with much lower ilvl. But it was still enough for many who were working through the ranks of Brawler’s.

But now, at Rank 8, I have to wave the white flag. My team hasn’t raided regularly for, well, a while. And without a raid team to gear up for, I can’t stay motivated to run LFRs on my own each week. WoW’s a social experience for me…ONLY getting gear quickly becomes work, not play.

As such, I’m stuck a bit behind where I’ll likely need to be to complete Rank 8 in a timely fashion. But I don’t want to leave the WHU guides unfinished, nor do I want to wait months to release guides.

So there’s some tips below. These are cobbled together from my own attempts (where I can make a good showing of a few of the bosses, if not beat them outright), and various guides that I used to help me research them. . . . read full article

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