Durendil: Hunter Worldfirst solos – Atramedes Heroic and Magmaw

Atramedes heroic

Durendil has achieved hunter world first solos for both Atramedes heroic and Magmaw in the Blackwing Descent raid instance.

Atramedes heroic

Durendil: Do not use shields, use deterrence for the searing flame.
When you have an add on you, use kill command on it and let your pet finish him off.
If you are at high sound, you might need to use cheetah or nitro boost to avoid his breath.

Phase 2: feign death to reset the beam. If you are hit by a bomb, no worries, you’ll still have to use a shield to reset your sound. I personally used 2 shields on each air phase.

He’s rather easy.

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Durendil: Did it with 513 ilvl gear, and less seems difficult.
He melees at 180-220K, but he melees slowly, and he sometimes spews lava for 3 seconds.
I used 4 turtle/beetles and one spirit beast for the mastery buff.
I also didn’t misdirect to my pet.

Pet survival:
Use shell shield as soon as your pet receives a melee hit. Then use cower when it’s ended and your pet isn’t full life, except if there’s a lava spew incoming. Then use last stand, a quintuple one will be available for pets 1 and 4. Shell shield/cower should be back when it ends. If your pet must tank without cooldowns (or even with last stand – it doesn’t guarantee survival if it’s a simple 30%), you can always go to melee range and pop deterrence to save him 400K damage.
Also, you can take your pet away from melee range, especially if you have a dire beast – magmaw will hit it once. Make sure his molten tantrum stacks don’t reach 2 (unless it’s just before a mangle).

Hunter survival:
Put a frost trap where lava parasites spawn, then use barrage when they do. If it isn’t enough (wasn’t for me), also drop an immolation trap.
Feign death before each mangle so your pet gets mangled. If it dies right before the mangle, he might use it on a dire beast or a thunderhawk (T15 bonus). rez pet if it happens. Also, you can rez him if he simply dies, since magmaw won’t stack moltem tantrum too fast, especially if a lava spew is coming in.
Whatever happens, switch pet when he slumps forward.
It’s also the moment to use a bandage if needed.

So here’s the fight: deal with lava worms, help your pet survive through cooldowns and removing him from melee range, and survive yourself.

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