Euphyley: How to Tame Hutia (Green Spectral Porcupine)

Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns: Hutia is the final spirit beast I’ll be going over that was added in patch 5.2. I found Hutia to be a little more forgiving to tame than her friends Gumi and Degu. Well actually, make that a lot more forgiving.

As with the other two spectral porcupines, Hutia has about 4M health and must be dps’d down to 20% before her Strong Will buff will drop and she can be tamed. If she gets within melee range she will two-shot you. She is fast, but thankfully she is not nearly as fast as Gumi. She also doesn’t have any type of ranged attack like Degu does. The thing to know about Hutia is she’s got an annoying heal called Spirit Heal that she’ll cast periodically as shes chasing you. This spell needs to be interrupted!

Helpful Glyphs and Talents:

You can easily make this tame smoother by using certain glyphs and talents. . . read full article

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