The Grumpy Elf: How to Solo Zandalari Warbringers & Scouts

The Grumpy Elf: This guide is basically designed as a hunter guide but I am sure if you are another class you might be able to gather some information that could help you.

Know Your Enemy:

Scouts (6M Life) will have three of the following abilities, at random, and warbringers (21M Life) will have 4 of the following abilities, at random.  If you go into each of these fights prepared to handle all 5 of the random abilities they can have you will never be caught off guard.  Good thing that as a hunter only two of these abilities even matter at all to you.

You can see which of the three or four abilities they have before you engage in battle by checking the buffs, but if you are like me, you just dive in and attack because if you do not someone else might steal your kill.

Skill: Horrific Vision
Buff Name: Tribal Mask
What it Does:  AoE fear, lasts 8 seconds.

Skill: Scarab Swarm
Buff Name: Scarab Brooch
What it Does:  Summons 10 low health scarabs.

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