Euphyley: How to Tame Degu (Red Spectral Porcupine)

Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns: As promised, I’ve written up some short guides on each of the new spectral porcupines that we’ll be seeing in patch 5.2. As a quick overview – there are three spectral porcupines total, and they each have not only a unique look, but a unique way to tame them as well. These tames may remind you of the Molten Front/Mt. Hyjal taming challenges introduced in 4.2.

Each one of these beasts will have a buff called Strong Will when you first come upon them. The tooltip for this buff reads “Cannot be tamed until weakened”. In order to weaken them to the point where they can be tamed you will need to dps them down to about 20% health. The thing is however, these pretties will two shot anyone that gets in their melee range. This is where your going to want to know a little more about what makes each of these beasts tick.

Degu, the red spectral porcupine, has an ability called Barbed Needle that will two-shot people with poison who attack her from too far a range. The spell tooltip reads a 15-50 yard range, so the goal with her is to try to always stay within 15 yards. It’s also crucial not to let her get too close because she can also two-shot you with her melee hits. This particular tame requires keeping her at that “perfect” distance while dpsing her down until her Strong Will buff wears off. . . . read full article

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