Esoth: Lamentations of a Heroic Raider

Esoth: I have been working on writing down my thoughts on this latest tier of raiding, but one tangential thought probably deserves its own post. One of the things I like about any video game and look back upon fondly is reaching a new part of the world that was previously closed to me but, through accomplishment, I am now able to see. It might be an entirely new zone or it might just a new room in a sprawling castle. Or it might be seeing what that princess at the end of the castle looks like. It’s not so much about the artistic value of the area itself and it isn’t about playing the game in that part (yet). Rather, previously my world view within the context of this game was smaller. Now it’s bigger, and it’s because I beat a challenge to make it so.

I still appreciate the sense of wonder I get as this happens and WoW raiding is no exception. But for a heroic raider, I think the effect is much smaller (and normal mode raiders too, now that LFR is out). Normal modes are completed relatively quickly, and while it was cool to see Elegon’s room for the first time and whatnot, it wasn’t really that meaningful because it wasn’t very hard to reach that point. By the time we started facing something that we could NOT complete relatively quickly (heroic modes), the visual effect of an emerging world had already been exhausted. . . . read full article

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