Durendil: Hunter Worldfirst Halion 25 and Occu’thar

Durendil has achieved hunter world first solos for both Halion 25 and Occu’thar.

Halion 25

Durendil: Done with 494 ilvl gear. You’ll need a spirit beast and a turtle.

Phase 1: Buuuurst. The spirit beast can keep itself alive, don’t heal it. The boss will act normally in this phase. Switch to turlte before phase 2.

Phase 2: Pull boss with pet. He won’t use any other ability than melee attacks. Here again, try to get this phase over with as quickly as possible. If your pet dies, he will come after you. If you take the pet out of his range (use master’s call/petpassive/petfollow), he will do nothing but debuff you with the soul consumption dot.

Phase 3: here is where it gets tricky. You have imaginary companions that increase his corporeality.They can be non effective, effective or very effective. Hope for luck. Simply keep serpent sting and widow venom up on the boss. If your companions are non effective, he will lose some corporeality at one stage – FD to reset him.

If they are effective, his corporeality will go up. after about one minute he will be at 100% – 200% more damage, 400% more damage taken. Here is what the turtle is for: it will hit hard. Simply use last stand if your pet gets low on health during a burst. You should get him down to 90% corporeality. If your companions are simply effective, he will eventually reach 80%. Here again, reset. If they are very effective, he’ll go up to 100% again. Use your burst again.

The strategy becomes: tank boss when you can with pet, put him on passive when he’s going to die, dps as much as you can. As long as he spends a small amount of time at 90% he should die before berserk.

P.S: avoid twilight cutters at all cost when he’s at high corporeality.


Durendil: This fight is a simple gear check: you need to be able to do 80K dps over a 5-minute rotation.

To achieve this, if you’re nearly there, you can use a spirit beast (for mastery buff) or a bloodlust pet, he doesn’t hit very hard. And you can ignore the eyes, they do very low damage.

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