The Wild Hunt: Brawler’s Guild Rank 7 – Battletron

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: Unlike the previous fights at Rank 7, I consider Battletron to be an almost pure gearcheck/target dummy. You do need to avoid unnecessary damage and move constantly, but the real challenge of this fight is to kill Battletron before the unavoidable damage kills you.

Because of it’s high dps requirement, Battletron has been described as the true brick wall of Rank 7. I did not have much trouble with it, since I waited until I’d gained some gear from hard modes before making any serious attempts. Those looking to do this fight with LFR gear will likely face a long struggle and may even end up having to wait until patch 5.2 with it’s upgrades.

Looking at pure execution of this fight, it is exceedingly simple for a mobile class like ours. Battletron stands at the center of the floor, spawns a rotating circle of mines around himself and then keeps zapping at you with his laser. The mines explode on contact – or from contact with your special attacks – and deal significant damage. You must make a hole in this circle and then keep pace with it by strafing around Battletron to dps him through it.

Originally I attempted to explode only one mine, but soon realized this was too perfectionist. Sometimes mines seemed to trigger from stampede pets and Dire Beast; to make sure I kept the explosions to an absolute minimum I changed to Thrill of the Hunt instead. . . . read full article

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