Hunter Transmog: Blue Peacock

HunterStateOfMind: This set is based around the blue shaman tier 14 lookalike pieces. For ranged weapons you can use the Ironfeather bow if you find the Crypt Fiend Slayer too bulky looking.

Helm: Hood of Dark Dreams

Shoulders: Waterborne Shoulderguards

Chest: Mail of Screaming Secrets [*Appears to be the Stormbreaker Chestguard recolor made by LW]

Gloves: Still looking for blue/brown/grey unobtrusive gloves

Waist: Ornate Girdle

Legs: Ancient Legguards

Feet: Fleet Refugee’s Boots

Ranged Weapon: Crypt Fiend Slayer

Matching mounts: Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher, sparkle pony

Matching hunter pet: spirit bear, spirit crab,

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