It’s the End of the World

Draztal at Blizzard: It’s the End of the World.

So, chime in and don’t miss the fun:
Please note: Depending on your region, this schedule might have already started, be close to finishing, or yet to begin, it’s a global event tailored to you

Doomsday’s Schedule:
06:30 Beginning of the End
07:00 Meteor Storm
08:30 Arrival of the first Tsunami
10:00 Official reception of UFOs
10:30 UFOs Performance: Gangnam Style
11:35 Destruction Starts (Subtitles available)
12:00 Eclipse and alignment of Every. Single. Planet.
14:00 Breakfast
14:15 Magnetic Poles Inversion
14:30 Supermassive Global Warming
16:00 Start of Earthlings’ annihilation
17:15 Rain of Frogs and Serpents
18:00 Rick Astley in Concert
19:00 Lunch
19:30 Tunnel between Taj Majal and Machu Pichu reopened
19:45 Whatsapp goes offline
21.00 Dinner
22:00 Zombie parade
23:30 End of the End of the World

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